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Hot News:
 • U.S. Wary of Syria's Pledge on Troops
 • Egypt "two-head" baby breathing without ventilator
 • Richardson Praises Bush's Mideast Policy
 • Five facts about Syria's grip on Lebanon
 • Palestinians shun bombers to give peace a chance
 • Tsunamis - Defying Mosques
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Online Audio and Video:
 • Belly Dancer Dina Interview
 • Bayantaly Movie -فيلم بيان تالي
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 • Al Motazawegoon المتزوجون - part1, part2, part3
 • Al Motazawegoon - Hi-Quality part2 (300Kbps - Cable or DSL)
 • Troublemakers' School مدرسة المشاغبين part1, part2, part3
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Gold Prices in Egypt(November /30)
24 Qerat 88.65 LE/grm
21Qerat77.60 LE/grm
18Qerat66.50 LE/grm
Gold Pound 620LE

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